Women Photographers – Are you a Business Owner or a Duggar?

A fellow photographer sent me the below screenshot (click the image to enlarge).

women photographers in business


I’m not interested in who wrote this.  But please read.  Read it in full.

I see these same words said by photographers online all the time…these words… they are so foreign to me.  These words take us straight back to the 1950s.


How do I convince my spouse to let me buy this course?


Women?  Really?  You are either trying to manipulate him or ask permission.   Neither are good.  Let me ask something very important —-

Are you a business owner or a Duggar?


Let’s establish the audience of this FAQs write-up just so we are clear.    This is directed toward women business owners… i.e. “Tell him what you feel you are lacking in your business.”  So we have established that this message is for business owners, not hobbyists.

Let’s establish the money being spent.  “This is an investment.”  I think that is pretty clear.  This is supposed to be a business investment made by a business owner.  Clear?  Yes.  Rather.

Is a business investment salary that goes toward the household bills?  NO.

When do you purchase an investment for your business?  When you have extra money available after you pay your business expenses and your salary.


Let me talk in business words – a vocabulary that you should know, being a business owner and all.  If you do not know this vocabulary, do not pass go, head straight to your nearest college and enroll in a Business Management 101 course.

A simple explanation of how a business works:



  • Sales Revenue – This is the money that customers give to you.
  • Expenses – These are your bills associated with your business only.  This includes everything from taxes to camera equipment to the pen you used to sign your name to your checks.
  • Salary – This is the set amount of money that you PAY YOURSELF every week that goes toward household bills, your retirement fund, or personal rainy day stash.
  • Investment – Business investments are purchased with cash or business debt (loan, credit card, etc.)  If you are a business, it is wise not to purchase any investments out of your personal salary – your personal income that supports your family.  Don’t need to support them?  Use your salary to invest in personal items such as retirement, emergencies vacations, memories!
  • Capital – Working capital means assets minus liabilities and what you should use to invest…..  Wait… wait… I’ll stop.  I don’t want to confuse anyone.  I think the above is enough.

Back to the FAQ sheet above.

“How do I convince my spouse to let me buy this course?”   You don’t.  If you feel that you need to convince your spouse to let you purchase a course, you are not a business owner, nor are you ready to be a business owner.  Go enroll at a local college until you have felt you have been educated enough to have the confidence to make business decisions for your own business.

Should your spouse ever have a say?  So…. there are a lotta ladies out there with Warren Jeffs for a husband or what?    If you want to run something by your spouse because you like to chat business with him, by all means, have at it.  I enjoy talking to my husband about business here and there.  However, the only person/people that should be involved in a decision about a business investment are the business owners – the person or people who are on the paperwork registered with your state.  Is your spouse a legal business owner and has signed paperwork to that end?  Then yes, your spouse should have input.  Otherwise, you are alone in this decision.

But I would be spending household money!  No you wouldn’t.   You only spend business money for investments.  You already paid yourself your salary, didn’t you?  Your salary has nothing to do with the money you should set aside for business investments.  If you are digging into household money, that means you are not turning a business profit with your business, and you should absolutely shut your business down right now, and enroll for formal education at an accredited school.

“He said this to me “You have invested in your equipment, how to shoot and edit, but how much have you invested in learning the business side of things?”  So in my case, it was him convincing me.”   If you are not making business decisions on your own that will benefit your business, you are not ready to be in business.  Period.  Back it up, go to an accredited college and learn basic Business Management 101.  Don’t invest in photographers who are simply playing mommy-businesses and marketing to other mommy-businesses because they cannot get enough clients to keep their businesses afloat without selling to other photographers, information that can be acquired anywhere – even in a Business Management for Dummies book.

And please tell me why have you invested in everything else such as equipment before learning how to manage a business?


The language in this is plain sickening.   “It is important for him to realize how serious you are about committing”… are you in elementary school?   “Have an honest conversation” – how about a dissertation?  PowerPoint?  Come on.  Whose business is this?  And if he isn’t confident that you are making business decisions based on YOUR business, then it is one of two things:  You are either showing that you are a terrible business owner or there is something really wrong with your marriage, Sweetheart.

“I am guessing he believes in you, or else you probably would not have a business.”  Are you freaking serious right now?  Let’s think about the alternative you are implying with these words — So if your husband doesn’t believe in you, he would or could shut down your business?  In so many words, you have told business women to submit their business decisions to their husbands and they are not valuable enough to solely make business decisions and their husbands have the right to shut them down.

WE ARE IN 2015!!!!

I’m floored.  I’m simply floored.

Ladies – we worked too hard to use this type of language – toward other business owners or to ourselves!

Women like to grumble about being paid less in the workplace.  I WONDER WHY?  If you cannot complete your job or make decisions in your role of employee or business owner, you should not be paid the same as someone who takes on the responsibility.

This makes me absolutely sad to know there are women out there that believe or feel that they are not worthy enough to stand up and be business owners and make intelligent decisions on their own.

But here’s the kicker.  This FAQs screenshot?  Is brilliant marketing, marketing directly to the woman who feels she is not worthy, has to ask permission from her spouse and feels beneath or less of a person, and who struggles severely with self esteem.

And that’s kind of gross too.

That type of language is degrading to women.  The same women who you pretend you are building up to take their business “to the next level” are the same that you are damaging by acceptance of this type of submission and “you are just a dumb woman” mentality.