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Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your income and expenses for your photography business?  Tried Quickbooks and realize that you need a simplified option?

This is your answer….

Designed exclusively by a business owner, photographer, and accountant.  Tried and true, this tax spreadsheet was made available for sale to photographers for eight years, and now we are bringing it back by popular request NEW and IMPROVED.


Simply follow the tab guides and input all of your receipts and sales.   The spreadsheet does the rest for you with its integrated formulas.

It doesn’t matter if you are an on location photographer or whether you have your own studio, or whether you are big, small, portraits, wedding…. this works for any photographer.


You only need to print your Income/Expense Report, hand it to your tax preparer.


Quickly analyze your expenditures for future spending plans.


This spreadsheet keeps track of sales tax you collect as well as an estimation of what you should be paying in taxes.


Are you currently promising yourself that you will keep track of 2015 better than you did 2014? Now is your chance to start fresh with easy and concise record keeping!

So much power in Microsoft Excel to organize your business and shave valuable time off of your administrative duties.

TAX ACCOUNTING spreadsheet for photgoraphers

What photographers are saying:

My accountant loves you.  It’s the only system that has worked for me in terms of book keeping.  ~ Meghan

I just received the link.  Thank you so much!  It is incredible, exactly what I was looking for.  Been using a similar one my accountant made for me but it’s nothing compared to this!!  7+ years and finally an easy, thought-out solution!  Again, so grateful for ALL you do for us…. ~ Carlise


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I saw something similar being advertised elsewhere, but your spreadsheet is less expensive.  Why?  I created this spreadsheet in 1997 for my first small business and have used it ever since – improving it every year.  I try to charge a reasonable and fair amount for the items I sell.  I also do not have affiliates that I pay to advertise me like many do, so I can cut out that middle man and sell directly….. and frankly, if you want the original, here it is.

What type of accounting education do you have?  I am currently studying to become an actuary.  I have taken coursework in general accounting, general business, legal business, computerized accounting, federal tax accounting, auditing, cost accounting, managerial accounting, and am pursuing more math studies in statistics, and calculus I, II, and III.  I am employed full-time as an accountant for a local business.  I owned and operated three small businesses from 1996 until today.  Because of my studies, I am only running my photography business part time currently.

What do I need? You need Microsoft Excel – whether it is installed on Mac or a PC, it will work with either.

How much do I need to know about Microsoft Excel? All you need to do is fill in your totals on your receipts.  That is all.  This spreadsheet does the rest for you.

You said you are an accountant by day – why do you not use Quickbooks?  I know Quickbooks inside and out and use it daily in my accounting position.  However, photography businesses are usually not as big and complicated as large corporations, therefore, many get confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed by Quickbooks when it comes to recording information for such an uncomplicated business.   This spreadsheet simplifies the record keeping.  I will warn, though, if you are the type of person that loves to spend hours running reports and such, and love Quickbooks, this spreadsheet is not for you.  I have used this spreadsheet since 1997 and have continued to use it and improve upon it year after year for my photography business.  I do not need all the bells and whistles of Quickbooks for photography.

I heard a rumor that you have had back taxes.  If this spreadsheet is so good, why did you have back taxes?  Too funny!.  Yes, I have had back taxes due to the years 2009-2011 when my full-time photography business was bringing in around $300,000 to $400,000 in sales revenue per year.  I was so incredibly busy keeping up with the flow of clients that I left it up to my paid tax preparer to make some decisions for me that I should have never allowed.   There’s a big difference between keeping the records of your business and acting upon paying the proper amounts in estimated taxes and being sure that your tax preparer is making the best decisions for you.  One huge thing about having back taxes is you sure know what NOT to do the rest of your life and how important it is to keep good records and follow through with updating your spreadsheets often!


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