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Are you ready for Image Adjust?

Our first tutorial is being released Sunday, April 19th.

Newborns:  Ever have one of those sessions where you are absolutely exhausted from working with a fussy newborn that you can’t get it quite right in camera?  You put off editing because you know baby wasn’t cooperating just right, you couldn’t get the posing perfect.  Is there any hope?  Absolutely.

In this tutorial, we will go over some simple tweaks, but a lot of them.  Put them together, and you should be able to adjust those images enough to fool everyone into thinking that was an easy completely planned out and perfect session.

All my personal secrets…. right here….





Some of what is covered:  Color correcting, background fade, contouring, “pop”, skin retouching realistically, limb swap, eye swap, closing an eye, adding background, “clean” whites, softening expression, and more….


Disclaimer:  I’m a proponent of getting it right in camera.   However, no one is perfect and sometimes we have to fix an image.  If you want to know how I photography newborns or get the best possible images straight out of camera, please read about the books Studio Lighting Naturally – Newborns and The Lost Art of Getting Great Images in Camera.

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