Great Images In Camera


The Lost Art of Getting Great Images in Camera

This 150-page extensive book focuses on getting great images straight out of camera.  Anyone can shoot a decent image and then edit it into a nice image, but can you get perfect images in camera?  Whether you are looking to brush up on your natural light, easily learn how to work with strobes or off camera flash, learn how to polish your images or get those last little details that will take your photography to the next level, this book is designed to show you absolutely everything that Jodie Otte does to create beautiful straight out of camera images that do not require editing.  Get out from behind that computer, all that wasted time behind the monitor working over images – that’s what it is, wasted.   But you want to edit, that’s part of your art?  No problem – if you are a digital artist, this will only help your digital art become better than ever, as you cannot enhance an okay image as well as you can enhance a GREAT image.  Get the best foundation you can by learning everything it takes to get the best images you can before you even open them up on a computer.


This book covers:

  • The Camera and Lens Choice
  • Depth of Field/Focal Plane – How to get a blurred background and/or tack sharp images.
  • Working with Natural Lighting Outdoors
  • Lighting Patterns (from flat to dramatic to beautiful)
  • Window Light
  • The Studio Strobe Indoors
  • The Studio Strobe Outdoors (a.k.a. Off Camera Flash)
  • Speedlights
  • Combining all Available Light – Strobes, Speedlights, Natural
  • Polishing Your Images – Composition, Enhancing
  • Workflow
  • Defining Your Style

and much more…

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