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Hello all!   A little about me —  I am an ISTJ.  I am a detached empath with ADD.  I think I have narcolepsy.  I am addicted to sashimi and ranch dip, but not together.  I am an animal lover, and I have a PASSION for photography…… wait, WHAT?


otte familyThat overused word – Passion…. you have no idea – it gives me a negative physical reaction, sort of like being stuck behind a school bus in the dark early morning hours and having that strobe cause instant nausea.  I like photography, and I know my talent lies in lighting and composition, but I love making an honest living and helping my family financially first and foremost.  I have a passion for spending every minute possible with my husband and teens, and I want to be able to retire one day with no regrets.  You won’t find me giving away free photo shoots and underpriced mini sessions or telling you that all that matters in this world is your passion for taking pictures.  Whatever happened to having a passion for loving your family and taking care of them and everyone and everything else is secondary?….
….but I digress….. when it comes to photography,  I’m a serious business owner.

I created this website to help photographers cope with the ever-changing industry.  No, this is not a complaint site, although I may go off on a tangent once in a while.  This is about reality and really looking reality square in the face, and in doing so, evolve and change and create a better future.




WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS?  That’s the question everyone is asking these days while fighting in the trenches with everyone a photographer, and not many serious business owners left.  Jodie is constantly reaching out to fellow photographers, helping them to realize that what is happening is not because of anything they are doing as the speakers and workshop teachers claim, but it’s simple Economics.  Read her Honest Articles to learn more.


Jodie has a desire to fight for “what’s right” and make sure that those who are seeking the truth are aware of the scams and misleading information out there regarding photography.    This site is devoted to bringing awareness to photographers everywhere.


And now the real stuff………THE CREDENTIALS


Jodie is currently a part-time photographer and full-time accountant, pursuing higher studies in mathematics and actuarial sciences.


Photography:  Jodie Holstein-Otte has been involved in the photography industry for 17 years, full time photographer and commercial studio owner for 10 years, her best years pulling in sales revenue of up to $400,000 per year.    Jodie’s work has been in many local publications as well as nationally in Parenting, American Baby, Brio Magazine, Parents, Fit Pregnancy, InStyle, US Weekly, People Magazine, the New York Times, and on Fox News in Baltimore and CNN. Her work has been published in the Big Book of Babies by J.C.Suares, and she is known as the photographer behind the Similac Infant Formula ad campaigns from 2009-2011. Her work may also be seen on greeting cards, in books, publications, and teaching material for medical professionals.    She has taught studio lighting and the business of photography throughout the United States and Australia through workshop teaching, individual mentoring, and even for the Ohio PPA.   Jodie is well known for her simplistic natural approach to studio lighting in her books Studio Lighting Naturally – Newborn Focus and The Lost Art of Great Images in Camera.


Business & Accounting:  Jodie has owned and operated three very successful businesses in completely different industries since 1996.  She has completed coursework through the Small Business Development Center as well as college level – Business Management, Business Law, Business Computer Applications, Economics, General Accounting, Federal Taxation, Auditing, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Computerized Accounting, working toward her double major in Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences.



Disclaimer: Jodie does NOT use affiliates to push her ‘goods’. She will not recommend anything that she doesn’t use or do herself. Beware of those who make a living selling to other photographers. How can they possibly teach you something that they do not do themselves?


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