How to Price Photography

How to Price Photography – Spreadsheet

How many times have you listened to or read photographers discussions about pricing?  How do you know what your prices should be?  Don’t want to take a business class but know you need more skill in this area?

If you know Jodie, you know  with her business management and accounting educational background, she speaks loudly about the photography industry.  She designed this Excel spreadsheet that will do the following:

  • This is for new photographers and experienced photographers alike.  That is how it customizes to YOU and YOUR NEEDS.
  • Set your own goals and price – This spreadsheet tells  you EXACTLY what your per-client sales need to be to reach YOUR personal goal.
  • Tells you EXACTLY what your hourly and yearly wages are based on YOUR business model.
  • Helps you form packages/collections if needed and compares them easily.
  • Use all of this information to plan for next month… or next year!
  • Use it to keep track of your expenses – your accountant will love you.
  • Gain the confidence that you know what your pricing should be and no apologies – to clients or to other photographers.  You know exactly what you need to pay yourself what YOU are happy with.  This spreadsheet does not scorn or judge your business model.  Whether you are a boutique exclusive photographer or a shoot and burner, it doesn’t matter! 

Completely affordable at $19.99; this is within everyone’s grasp.

And the best part?  You don’t have to do the math!  The spreadsheet calculates everything for you.

How it Works:  This spreadsheet contains six sheets/tabs.  You simply fill in your expenses, what you do in a typical session and how long it takes, type in the salary you desire, the amount of weeks and hours you wish to work.   The spreadsheet will then tell you what your weekly and per client goal is to make this salary possible.  You will also have the visual to make decisions to change certain areas to increase your profits.  The bonus tab lets you set up and compare offerings/packages easily, again, customized to you.

Your final equations may look like this *below* (this was another photographer’s information).  Your own customized numbers based on the way you do business will be right here waiting for you.

The best investment for your business, may in fact be the lowest priced item you purchase.  This is ready for IMMEDIATE download at $19.99


how to price photography

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