PhotoShop Actions

Finally the actions are here!  We will be adding more as the weeks go by.

Clean Processing

Newborn Skin Actions

Every baby is beautiful, but nearly every baby around the 3-week mark, gets some dry skin or “baby acne”.   As busy photographers with busy clients, we cannot always get every baby photographed at the perfect age.

Our most popular action is the newborn skin action.  It truly is the most dramatic.  Many programs allow you to edit skin, but many times, it causes the skin to become plastic-looking.  This action allows you to paint on the action and use it where it is needed most.  Check out the before/afters.

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Skin Soft

skinbefore  skinafter

But does it work on all skin types?  Yes.


Color Fix

Some babies have a bit of extra red in their skin or may have been lying on that foot just a wee bit too long, so it is a purplish or blue tone.  This paintable action fixes blue or red.


Creamy Tone

This can be as subtle or as drastic as you would like – Add just a pop of a warm creamy tone to newborn skin.


Newborn Skin Actions……………….  $35  

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Immediate Download Available.  These actions may only be used in PhotoShop versions that allow for actions.  If you have early Elements, you may not be able to use these.

Newborn Blanket Fade Actions

No matter how hard we try, we don’t always manage to smooth our blankets and backgrounds enough or maybe we just wished we had more room to use a longer lens and create a bit more depth of field?  Here are some actions to help!

Original Blanket Fade

This blanket fade fades from top to bottom.

fake dofblanket fadeafter

 Vignette Style Background Fade

This blanket fade is used for an image that requires fading to all edges.


Fake DOF

Ever want to add just a hint more depth of field to an image?  Here’s what I do once in a while.  (click images to enlarge)



Newborn Background Actions……………….  $30  

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 Want them all?  No problem —-

Complete Set of Newborn Actions……………….  $50   

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