Photographers – Liar Liar Pants on Fire?

dream photography

Almost every day, a specific photographer’s paid advertisements show up in my newsfeed.  He touts himself as a million $ photographer who has made millions and you can to, for a fee of course, or if you read the articles, it will eventually bait you for buying something. Some of …

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Women Photographers – Are you a Business Owner or a Duggar?


A fellow photographer sent me the below screenshot (click the image to enlarge).   I’m not interested in who wrote this.  But please read.  Read it in full. I see these same words said by photographers online all the time…these words… they are so foreign to me.  These words take …

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Portrait Photography’s Missing Middle Market


Let’s get Booked Up!!! It’s Spring:  The time of year where photography business picks up after the January-March lull.  For the past three months, we’ve all said to ourselves “it’s almost spring, we will book up in no time.” For those who have been in business long enough to have …

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The Angel and the Devil – Business Ethics & Affiliate Programs

business photographers

We live in an odd time…. this whole new-fangled internet thingamajig….  We have more information at our fingertips than ever…. and it is good and bad. Take for instance, business ethics.  Keep in mind, I’m an ISTJ ISTJs tend to believe in laws and traditions, and expect the same from …

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“Bad Reviews” Extortion, threats, etc.

photographers scam business

Background I mentioned this scam that was going around to photographers, but I’m going to discuss more in detail. It seems that there is a new bandwagon for greedy lying cheating dirtbags, trying yet another way to rip off and scam people online Fishing It started some time in December…. many …

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