“Bad Reviews” Extortion, threats, etc.

photographers scam business

Background I mentioned this scam that was going around to photographers, but I’m going to discuss more in detail. It seems that there is a new bandwagon for greedy lying cheating dirtbags, trying yet another way to rip off and scam people online Fishing It started some time in December…. many …

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Put Your Head in the Sand.

photography business

At my day job, I sit in my office turning out invoices, statements, work on payroll, create spreadsheets, etc.  I love working alone.  I have quite a nice office.  It’s roomy, it’s fairly secluded, but it’s surrounded by glass panels that are mostly open.  While I quietly work, I hear …

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Race to the Bottom with Price Competition

Price competition

Why Not Compete On Price? I went through both macro and micro economics classes for my Business/Accounting degree recently.  One part stuck out so strongly that I can’t help but to share it here…. and I’m paraphrasing,When businesses compete on price alone, the businesses crumble.  Think about that.  When photographers are competing …

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