Artist or Marketer – You decide


The portrait photography business is interesting in today’s world.  In comparison, 20 years ago, you were a custom photographer, an artist, and you produced one of a kind EXPENSIVE images.  There were very few of you, so your customers were coming to you for a special treat.  This was when …

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The Angel and the Devil – Business Ethics & Affiliate Programs

business photographers

We live in an odd time…. this whole new-fangled internet thingamajig….  We have more information at our fingertips than ever…. and it is good and bad. Take for instance, business ethics.  Keep in mind, I’m an ISTJ ISTJs tend to believe in laws and traditions, and expect the same from …

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“Bad Reviews” Extortion, threats, etc.

photographers scam business

Background I mentioned this scam that was going around to photographers, but I’m going to discuss more in detail. It seems that there is a new bandwagon for greedy lying cheating dirtbags, trying yet another way to rip off and scam people online Fishing It started some time in December…. many …

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Put Your Head in the Sand.

photography business

At my day job, I sit in my office turning out invoices, statements, work on payroll, create spreadsheets, etc.  I love working alone.  I have quite a nice office.  It’s roomy, it’s fairly secluded, but it’s surrounded by glass panels that are mostly open.  While I quietly work, I hear …

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